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Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic Chronograph 301.SB.131.RX Hublot Watch Review

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The Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic Chronograph 301.SB.131.RX is encased in 44mm of stainless steel surrounding a black carbon fiber dial on a black rubber strap. Features of this Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic Chronograph include hours, minutes, small seconds, date and chronograph. This Hublot watch also measures 14.7mm in thickness and 56.3mm from lug-to-lug.\r
For complete details, watch the full Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic Chronograph review by Tim Mosso!\r
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Bob's Blog: Hublot Big Bang Chronograph 44m Automatic Watch - 301.CI.7170.LR

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Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic 301.SB.131.RX Showcase Review

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Greetings and welcome to the world of Hublot. Today, I'll be your guide to the features and facets of the Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic. Now, like Helen of Troy whose face launched 1,000 ships, this is the plank owner, the Big Bang that launched innumerable fans into the universe of Hublot. Back in 2005 the brainchild of Jean Claude Biver, the watch combined Hublot's traditional confidence in materials fusion with a design that, frankly, warranted its name. The Big Bang from which all subsequent Hublot models and styling themes sprang. If you were to own just one Hublot watch, many would say this is the essential model.

Starting from the clasp and working our way in you can see thoroughly designed, no detail overlooked, even the clasped top features the inset polished Hublot H pattern bolts, all in stainless steel like the watch. It's beautifully finished inside, and even features a clever Hublot formed swing arm with the slash cut of the Hublot logo as the lower body of the clasp. You'll note a minderless system. It allows excess strap to tuck in underneath such that the aesthetic is very clean when closed, with no minder loops on the strap. Twin trigger release means this is not friction fit; it cannot simply pop open. A clever and reassuring refinement on a large and heavy sports watch.

You can see the quadrille pattern cut into the strap. Now, rubber is a long time Hublot specialty. Natural vulcanized, beautifully articulated from a visual standpoint, and supple against the wrist. This is a tradition that harks back to the very earliest landmark Hublot debut models of the early 1980s. Here it's fused with a combination of steel, ceramic, and titanium. Steel, you can see expressed on the exterior, alternately brushed or satin finished on the hoods of the lugs, and on the case flanks beautifully polished. You can see the machine has been brought from the inside out. It almost has the appearance of a complicated structure in the intermediate phases of construction. Everything is shown, everything bears outward.

You can see the polymer inserts on the flank, you can see the assembly screws, the columns joining the upper and lower plates, and of course you'll see that quadrille pattern echoed in the flanks of the ceramic bezel. Now, this is another example of materials fusion. The ceramic, virtually indelible. It has hardness similar to sapphire, such that the bezel's been positioned to absorb most of the scratches and scuffs, the insults of daily life on the wrist with impunity, protecting the remainder of the case. You'll also note the contrast of the polished inset Hublot titanium H pattern bolts and framing yet more materials innovation, a woven carbon fiber style dial with all applied hour indices and numerals.

Now, the watch features a tri-register chronograph. It also features constant seconds, as you can see at 9:00. Energize a little bit, activate the chronograph for a bit more eye candy, and you can see the classical sporting tri-tone of history's great chronographs. Black, white, with a few shocks of red. Turning the watch over you can see the Hublot automatic caliber. This one, HUB 4100 features a 42 hour power reserve, efficient automatic winding. You can see the rotor's been partially skeletonized so that it can never completely obscure half the movement, yet an excellent view of the works.

Now, it features additional refinements, including 100 meter water resistance, and, when you pull the crown to extremity you hack or stop the balance. Now you can synchronize the watch to an known accurate reference time. You simply pull the crown out to stop the balance and hold the watch. There's also a quick set function for the discreet date window at 4:30, such that you can rapidly correct the watch should you encounter an irregular length month or run down. If there were only one, this would be it. The root of the Big Bang. The original explosion of force and character and innovation at Hublot. This is the Big Bang Steel Ceramic. You can see it and the entire family of Hublot model lines on our website,




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